Old Postcard from a Piano Store

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today:

Saturday, March 29, 1913:  Ma and I went to Milton this morning. The chief object of which was the buying of me a graduation dress. It is a plain white batiste to be trimmed with lace insertion and edging. I got some other things besides. Ma bought a piano. I’m so glad for now I can learn to play.

Caption: Patience Personified

piano.postcard.backI recently visited the Roller Mills Antique Center in Lewisburg and found this old post card that advertised a piano store in Milton. Did Grandma and her mother buy their piano from C.A. Bennage? 

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

What a fun shopping trip!—It’s amazing that Grandma and her mother bought BOTH a graduation dress and a piano on the same trip.

A piano is a major purchase. In this era before women’s rights, I’m surprised that Grandma’s mother was able to make a purchase of this size without her husband coming along. Even today, I think that both spouses would generally be actively involved in making a purchase of this size.

26 thoughts on “Old Postcard from a Piano Store

  1. How wonderful that you tracked down this Post Card Sheryl. I’m looking forward to Miss Muffly sharing her experiences with their brand new piano… 🙂

  2. The piano purchase must have been planned, discussed at home, and planned again before your Great Grandma went ahead and bought it. That’s my guess since it was such a major decision. The graduation dress sounds lovely too and how excited Grandma must have been.

  3. Roller Mills is a wonderful place to find little historical treasures. I wish they were able to take pictures like they do today, I would love to see her in the dress.

    1. Lewisburg is such a fun town. Both the Roller Mills and the Street of Shops are great places to find really interesting old items.

  4. Hi. For me, a graduation dress was a prom gown. I wonder if Helena’s dress was to look nice at the graduation ceremonies???? I’m anxious to hear if they had a graduation dance. Jane

    1. I love antique stores and flea markets. I’m so often amazed how I happen upon random items that I can use to illustrate diary entries.

  5. Yeah, I was surprised at how casually she mentioned it. A lot of pianos today cost, like, what? At least $1000 dollars? I’m not sure–we got ours for free from MY Grandma! (But it still costs a TON to tune it!)

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