1921 King Arthur Flour Advertisement

1921 Advertisement for King Arthur Flour
Source: The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book (1921 Edition)

When I saw an advertisement for King Arthur Flour in the back of the 1921 edition of The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book,  I wondered how long it has been around. According to Wikipedia, the King Arthur Flour Company was founded in 1790 in Boston.

14 thoughts on “1921 King Arthur Flour Advertisement

  1. Swear by their flour, and love their organic white whole-wheat! Of course, I’m prejudiced because the company is now just up the highway from where I live! P.S. They have a lovely little cafe if you are ever in Norwich, Vt., looking for a lunch or coffee spot.

  2. My friend’s mother always used it. And by default my friend – she always took blue ribbons at the fair and often went to the State Fair with her baked goods… Must be something about it to be in business for that long!!

  3. That is amazing. I’m sure the product is quite different today. For instance, today’s flour has a lot more gluten in it than it did years ago.

    1. I can’t recall where I read it (it might of been here) but a century ago you’d see advertisements for “high gluten” flour, i.e., flour with more than the normal amount of gluten. Quite a surprise given the opposite being so common today.

  4. Well! Never used it… can’t say if I’ve ever seen it… that could be cause I always have my eye out for golden metal flour.

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