20 thoughts on “1919 Heinz Baked Beans Advertisement

  1. I like that it’s a straightforward pitch, rather than trying to trick us into thinking that buying beans will make our family love each other or whatever imagery modern ad campaigns attempt.

    1. According to Wikipedia:

      Henry J. Heinz introduced the marketing slogan “57 pickle Varieties” in 1896. He later claimed he was inspired by an advertisement he saw while riding an elevated train in New York City (a shoe store boasting “21 styles”). The reason for “57” is unclear. Heinz said he chose “5” because it was his lucky number and the number “7” was his wife’s lucky number. However, Heinz also said the number “7” was selected specifically because of the “psychological influence of that figure and of its enduring significance to people of all ages.

  2. I love this! The way they explain exactly why you should buy their baked beans. Not because itโ€™s fashionable or healthy but because they bake them right and the grocer stocks them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Interesting ad.. never knew that Heinz made canned beans, but then maybe itโ€™s because I have also bought Bushโ€™s beans.

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