Weather in Cities Across the Country: September 29, 1912

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Sunday, September 29, 1912: Rained so that I didn’t go to Sunday School. Miss Bryson was here today having come down on the train last night.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

I wonder if it was an all-day storm or just a brief shower. In general, the weather across the US was pretty good on September 29, 1912–though many cities got a little precipitation.


SEPTEMBER 29, 1912

Source: Minneapolis Morning Tribune, September 30, 1912

Miss Bryson refers to Blanche Bryson. She was a friend of Grandma and her sister Ruth. The Susquehanna, Bloomsburg, and Berwick railroad tracks crossed the Muffly farm, and there was a whistle stop at a nearby feed mill. I’m not sure where Blanche lived in 1912, but I think that she was a teacher and probably lived outside the immediate area.

4 thoughts on “Weather in Cities Across the Country: September 29, 1912

  1. Hi. I think diaries could be used to fill in the gaps for our historical precipitation records. Certainly the weather in our area varies so much – we can have a downpour in our community and only a spattering in the city 20 km away! Jane

  2. Blanche Bryson was my husband’s grandmother. She was teaching at that time at Keefertown School & boarding with the Frank (father of Cyril & Amelia) Menges family. 3 years later she married O.W. Kramm (uncle of Tom that you often refer too). I always look for a reference to our much loved Grammie.

    1. Thanks for information. It’s wonderful to know more about Blanche. It really helps me place her better. I haven’t thought of Cyril in years, but can remember him. And, Tom’s book on the History of McEwensville Schools is an absolutely wonderful resource!

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