Beet and Pepper Salad Recipe

16-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Friday, July 14, 1911: The entries for this month look, as if they won’t require much space. Can’t help it though.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Since Grandma didn’t have much to say a hundred years ago today, I flipped through the July 1911 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. It included sample menus.

The Friday menu is below:

An asterisk meant that the magazine contained the recipe.  For the Friday dinner menu, the included recipe was for Beet and Pepper Salad:

Beet and Pepper Salad

Thinly slice four small boiled beets. Remove the seeds from and parboil two green peppers five minutes, then cut in strips. When very cold serve in nests of lettuce with a French dressing made as follows: Mix together four tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon vinegar, one teaspoon tarragon vinegar, one teaspoon salt, one-fourth teaspoon paprika, one-eighth teaspoon pepper, and if liked one teaspoon finely chopped onion or shallots.

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