1922 Kitchen Cabinet Advertisement

Kitchen Cabinet Advertisement
Source: Cement City Cook Book compiled by First Baptist Church, Alpena, Michigan (1922)

I love this 1922 advertisement. I want my kitchen work to be a pleasure. Maybe I need to buy some new kitchen cabinets (and, while I’m at it, maybe I should throw in a new linoleum floor).

9 thoughts on “1922 Kitchen Cabinet Advertisement

  1. When we redid our 1926 cottage kitchen, I wanted one of these! But the fridge and the stove and the sink took up all the wall space. We do have a built-in floor-to-ceiling pantry though, and that’s almost good enough.

  2. My Hoosier is a central part of my kitchen. These all-in-one cabinets were beautifully designed and stand the test of time. I’ve noticed more and more modern cabinets are coming equipped with the little extras such as spice racks and divided drawers.

  3. Just moved son#2 into his 1925 home. It has so many nice touches in the kitchen! A built in pantry with special spots for cookie sheets and a place to store the pot lids too! I wish I had some of the appointments and space saving features in my kitchen!!

  4. I have 2 of these Hoosiers, one is oak, purchased by my parent dos in GA, and the other is maple, I purchased in IA. Neither are in the kitchen or used fir food!

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