1922 Spanish Green Olives Advertisement

1922 Advertisement for Spanish Green Olives
Source: American Cookery (April, 1922)

Who would have guessed that Spanish green olives have been imported into the United States for at least a hundred year? And, who would have guessed that there was a trade association promoting those imported olives?

17 thoughts on “1922 Spanish Green Olives Advertisement

  1. Absolutely! At every fancy meal, every holiday, there HAD to be olives on the table. And the tradition continues with me and my family. Though we keep olives on hand because we put them in nearly everything – salads, omelets, spaghetti sauce…

  2. Oh yes, for every fancy meal and I have inherited numerous cut and pressed glass pickle/olive trays for just such occasions. Hated them until I was an adult though and now I like black olives but love green ones! Sliced black one in a can however…

    1. My mother also had some glass pickle/olive/celery/carrot dishes. I have one of them and sometimes put celery or carrot sticks in it for holiday meals. When I use it now, it always feels like it is somehow connects with family meals from days gone by.

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