Easter Memory

Sunday, April 23, 1911: Missing entry (Diary resumes on April 28.)

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Since again today there is no diary entry, and since I’ve been trying to understand how the teen in the diary evolved into the grandmother I remember, I’ll share an Easter memory of her (The 23rd wasn’t Easter a hundred years ago.)–

In 1966 my grandfather—Grandma’s husband—died a few day before Easter. Grandma was 71-years-old at the time. That year on Easter afternoon my parents, aunts, and uncles grimly gathered in Grandma’s brick bungalow and sat around her kitchen table writing thank you notes.

My cousins and I were banished from the kitchen and spent the afternoon chasing each other around Grandma’s yard. Around the trees—up and down the porch stairs— running, running and more running. I was 10-years-old that spring and the movement felt really good after all the days of mourning.

Fast forward one year to 1967—

I can remember family Easter egg hunts at my house that began in 1967 and continued for probably another 8 or 10 Easters. Prior to my grandfather’s death I think that my family typically spent the day with extended family on my mother’s side of the family. But the year following his death, my parents began hosting an annual Easter egg hunt that drew relatives from both sides of the family.

I colored and hid two or three hundred eggs in our expansive yard each year. Children and adults paired up to hunt the eggs. Whenever a kid found an egg they were required to run back to their adult partner and give that person the egg before dashing off to search for another egg.

I can’t specifically remember Grandma at those Easter egg hunts—but each year one of her grandchildren would have been her partner. Other adults might have shouted encouragement to their youthful partners—Grandma won’t have.

Instead I picture Grandma’s eyes gleaming each time her grandchild partner dashed toward her carrying an egg—and that she probably secretly hoped her team would end up with the most eggs (but she won’t have outwardly shown disappointment if her team didn’t win).

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