1921 Campbell’s Soup Advertisement

1921 Campbell's Soup Advertisement
Source: Ladies Home Journal (December, 1921

Are you exhausted from all the holiday cooking? This December, 1921 advertisement makes me think that cooks a hundred years ago were also exhausted – at least Campbell’s Soups seemed to think so and was ready to  come to the rescue with their canned soups.

31 thoughts on “1921 Campbell’s Soup Advertisement

  1. I could ‘see’ that little girl even before opening your post. Campbell’s tomato soup (with a dab of butter in the middle of the bowl) and a grilled cheese sandwich was the ultimate comfort food even before the phrase ‘comfort food’ had been invented.

  2. Campbell’s soup was a staple growing up and even today! I can’t believe how many recipes I make utilize Campbell’s soup… Can’t beat it for convenience!

    1. Others have commented on the similarities between 1921 and 2021 – for example, how the hundred-year-old Campbell’s soup can looked very similar to the modern one. You pointed a really interesting difference. There is no way that a modern soup advertisement would highlight that the soup contains sugar.

  3. Many a hurried school-day lunch on a cold day was Campbell’s Soup (thriftily made with water, not milk) but augmented with whatever leftover rice or noodles could be tossed in at the last minute – and of course, Premium saltine crackers on the side.

    1. What a fun memory! It’s interesting how things that seemed very mundane at the time can now seem almost warm and fuzzy when viewed through the lens of time.

      1. We were served soup in Charlotte today, and it tasted delicious. The temperature outside was 75 degrees. When I put a sweater on inside, the hostess said she was sorry for cooling us too much by running the air conditioner.

    1. mmm. . . soup and a toasted cheese sandwich sound lovely. I love December, but I also always really look forward to January when things slow down and the holiday cooking is done. I’ve also discovered over the years that I make very different foods for my blog posts in January than what I do in December. In December it’s sweets, while January is more comfort foods, meats, vegetables, etc., which I enjoy.

  4. I chuckled seeing that pudgy little parachutist. I remember my mother telling me that in her childhood in the 20’s children were told to put on a little weight so that they had it to lose when they were ill. How times have changed.

    1. They sure have. Your mother’s comment makes me think about how children are more sedentary today, as well as how children back then were more likely to become ill from the various childhood ailments such as the measles..

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