What is Food? 1921 Description

Two men in food laboratory
Source: The Science of Food and Cookery (1921) by H.S. Anderson

How would you define food? Here’s what a 1921 cookbook called The Science of Food and Cookery had to say:

Foods are substances which, when taken into the body, supply the necessary elements for promoting growth, repairing its broken-down tissue, and furnishing it with heat and power for muscular work. True foods contain the same elements as are found in the human body, and thus they are able to build and maintain the body.

21 thoughts on “What is Food? 1921 Description

    1. I always find it interesting how definitions may differ across the years – yet say essentially the same thing. Google defines food as, “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.”

  1. You can see the influence of domestic things becoming scientific in this paragraph, needing to sound equal to the other sciences and becoming “Domestic Science.”

    1. I also noticed that – and the drawing from the chapter heading in the old book of two men in a food laboratory also suggests that the author considered it important to think about food through the lens of science.

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