Old-fashioned Baked Pears

baked pears

Pears are a wonderful Fall fruit that often get overshadowed by apples, so I was pleased to find a hundred-year-old recipe for Baked Pears. The pear halves were easy to make and very tasty. The Baked Pears were coated with a buttery brown sugar sauce.

I was surprised how little sauce this recipe made – just enough to coat the pear halves. There was not enough to spoon extra over the pears when serving. I did not really miss the extra sauce, but extra sauce would have made a nice presentation.

Here’s the original recipe:

Recipe for Baked Pears
Source: The New Cookery (1921) by Lenna Frances Cooper

I skipped the whipped cream when I made this recipe.

Here’s the recipe updated for modern cooks:

Baked Pears

  • Servings: 8
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

8 pears (Use pears that are ripe, but still firm.)

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 tablespoons butter

whipped cream (optional)

Preheat oven to 350° F. Cut the pears in half lengthwise, and then core the pears. Arrange the pear halves in a large baking dish (such as a lasagna dish or a rectangular cake pan). Sprinkle each pear (2 halves) with one tablespoon sugar, and dot each half with 2 or 3 small pieces of butter. Place in oven and bake until tender (about  30-35 minutes). Increase heat (425° F.) to lightly brown the pears. (The pears can be browned using the broiler, if a dish is used that can go under the broiler.)

Remove from oven. Best when served warm. If desired, serve with whipped cream.

Smaller versions of this recipe could easily be made. For each pear, just use a tablespoon of brown sugar, and a little butter.



24 thoughts on “Old-fashioned Baked Pears

    1. I think that you’ll like this recipe. It’s a nice one that let’s the pears “shine.” I actually just bought some more pears yesterday because my husband said that I should make it again.

    1. I really like how it’s a quick and easy recipe. I’m trying to remember the aroma as the pears baked. I’m sure that it had a nice smell, but I don’t think that it was very strong.

    1. This was the first time that I ever baked pears. I was pleased with how it turned out – though it would look fancier it there had been more sauce.

    1. Covering the dish might result in more sauce – not sure. I also thought that maybe adding a little water (and maybe a little more brown sugar) might result in additional sauce.

    1. My sense is that baked fruit desserts were more popular a hundred years ago than now. Not sure why. I like how they are easy to make, tasty, and fairly nutritious.

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