Old-Fashioned Baked Bananas

Baked banana on plateI’d never heard of Baked Bananas, so was intrigued when I flipped through a hundred-year-old cookbook and saw not one, but two, recipes for Baked Bananas. The first recipe involved peeling the banana, adding several ingredients and then baking. The second recipe just called for baking the banana in the skin. Over the years, I’ve learned that the easiest and simplest recipes are sometimes the best, so I decided to go with the second recipe.

The Baked Banana was sweet, creamy, and soft – and a nice change of pace from just peeling and eating a banana.

baked banana in dishHere’s the original recipe:

Recipes for Baked Bananas
Source: The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book (1921 Edition)

I made Baked Bananas II.

Here’s the recipe updated for modern cooks:

Baked Bananas

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

1 banana per serving


Preheat oven to 350° F. Put bananas in shallow pan or baking dish; cover. Place in oven and bake until the skin is very dark (almost black). Remove from oven, and let cool slightly; then remove the pulp from the skins and place in serving dish. Sprinkle with sugar.


24 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned Baked Bananas

  1. That first photo looks like one I’ve kept too long in my refridgerator. I hope it tastes better, although I haven’t actually tried any of those super ripe bananas. Maybe they are delicious.

  2. I think I will stay with banana pudding. That’s as close to a warm banana as I want–but I do acknowledge your spirit of adventure in trying new (from a hundred years ago) ideas!

    1. Banana pudding sounds good. Maybe I should look for a hundred-year-old banana pudding recipe. This blog is a fun adventure – and I’ve discovered lots of tasty dishes (and a few awful ones) from trying old recipes.

    1. I did sprinkle a little sugar on the Baked Banana, but I don’t think it was needed (and I don’t think that I would have missed it if I had skipped it).

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