A Thanksgiving Tale

slice of carrot pieHAPPY THANKSGIVING

Here’s a fun, old Thanksgiving poem that you might enjoy:

A Thanksgiving Tale

They sat on a shelf in the pantry-way cool.
Said Pumpkin to Mince Pie, “You crusty old fool.”
They squabbled and each of them thought himself best,
Till Pumpkin said, “Wait for Thanksgiving — the test.
I’ll bet you my pie plate that I’m eaten first;
While you, sir, uneaten with envy will burst.”

Thanksgiving Day came, and along with it, John,
Who ate everything his keen eyes fell upon. 
“A piece of each one,” Said this lad to the pies;
And, then I’ll determine which one wins the prize.”
But Johnny, alas! was unable to tell. 
For Johnny felt suddenly, — not at all well. 

Those wicked, old pies had continued their fight, 
Till Johnny’s poor tummy grew pained at the sight;
And Johnny said tartly, both pies were so bad,
No worse one than either could ever be had.
But I think to myself that young John was mistaken.
‘Twas mixing his pies so, gave Johnny that achin’.

Ellen M. Ramsay (American Cookery, November, 1919)

33 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Tale

  1. Wonderful! Johnny would have had even more of an upset tummy at my grandma’s house. Every Thanksgiving, she produced pumpkin, mince, and apple. Now that I’m in Texas, I’ve turned to pumpkin and pecan, with an occasional coconut cream thrown in.

    1. You’re not the only one who likes mincemeat. I asked my husband what kind of pie he wanted for Thanksgiving, and he said mincemeat, so that’s what I made.

  2. I ran out of time or I would have had both pumpkin and eggnog pies. Instead I’m going to make the eggnog at Christmas. Good thing the ultra-pasteurized nog is good until Feb 2021!

    1. Eggnog Pie sounds wonderful, and perfect for Christmas. Sometimes I can’t quite get my head around how far out expirations dates are these days- but that’s another story. 🙂

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