32 thoughts on “1920 Kwicksharp Knife Sharpener and Scissors Grinder

  1. The price is right, but for the same $5 I can have the fellow at the Farmers’ Market do my knife sharpening, and avoid the risks involved. Maybe a child could do it with this machine, but I have a track record with such things!

  2. Interesting… a child… wonder what age they had in mind?😁 I still use the old stone where you put a little oil on top and work away.

    1. Who knows . . . sometimes it seems like people worried less about children hurting themselves a hundred years ago. My husband also uses a whetstone to sharpen knives.

  3. Every knife sharpener invented that was mechanical has had just as much a chance to make the knife duller as well as sharper. My mother was thrilled to have a sharpener built into the back of her new (1972 or 1973) electric can opener. She sharpened every knife constantly until they looked like flat ice picks!! All because the sharpener ground off the edge…

    1. I can remember those electric can openers that also sharpened knives, but don’t remember actually using the knife sharpening feature much. Maybe that was a good thing. πŸ™‚

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