1920 Puffed Grain Cereals Advertisement

Advertisement for Puffed Grains
Source: Good Housekeeping (March, 1920)

Do you ever eat cereal as a bed time snack? Somehow I thought that eating cereal at times other than breakfast was a fairly new phenomena, but apparently I was wrong. A 1920 advertisement for Quaker puffed grain cereals said that Puffed Wheat, Puffed Rice, and Corn Pops were perfect bedtime snacks.

47 thoughts on “1920 Puffed Grain Cereals Advertisement

  1. Cereal at supper or bedtime was common in our family — grandparents and parents alike. Sugar Crisp was a favorite. I was three when it was introduced in 1949, and I loved it.

    1. When I was a child Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, and Corn Pops were some of my favorite cereals. I haven’t eaten any of them in years. My tastes have changed over time.

  2. When he was six, my son wrote to Kellogg’s asking how they made Rice Krispies. Was it the same sort of idea as making popcorn? They sent him a very po-faced letter back saying it was a trade secret. They must have thought one small boy was going to set up in serious competition. He’s got over it. He’s 43 now, and still isn’t using his career to make a take-over bid in the breakfast cereal market.

    1. Similarly to your family, Sunday evenings seemed like a time when my family had very simple meals. I remember that we sometimes had scrambled eggs on Sunday evenings.

    1. Sounds like a gimmick or marketing ploy to me. It seems like all the puffiness and airiness would leave when the puffed grains were ground to make the pancake mix.

  3. Really interesting to see this hundred-year-old ad, Sheryl. It’s nothing but an air-filled carbohydrate, but they make it sound so delicious and nutritious. Fantastic post.

  4. Yes, I eat cereal before bed on occasion! It’s a nice, light snack if my dinner turned out not to be totally filling for some reason. πŸ™‚

    Very cool to hear that people have been doing this for generations.

  5. Such a sweet ad! My maternal grandfather ate a bowl every night before he turned in for the night. When I was visiting, I usually also had a bowl with him. I have always liked it better at night because the milk didn’t upset my stomach like it does in the morning. Several years ago while caring for 3 of my grandchildren after school I fed them cereal for a snack. Everyone was happy except their mother (now my ex-DIL) who told them that cereal was not a snack – it was just for breakfast. Well.

  6. The puffed cereal has never been a favorite,but Cheerios and mini wheats I can eat ant time of the day! Now that pancake idea was a new one.. would of loved to try it.

  7. The only time I ever saw people eat cereal in the evening was on Sundays in my college dorm. There was no Sunday evening meal served after a very hearty Sunday dinner at noon. I didn’t even like cereal for breakfast, so I haven’t eaten it at night.

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