1920 Van Camp’s Baked Beans Advertisement

advertisement with picture of girl holding a plate of beans
Source: Good Housekeeping (June, 1920)   

Some things haven’t changed across the years. Both a hundred years ago and now, when people want to make a quick, easy, inexpensive dish, they sometimes reach for a can of Van Camp’s Baked Beans.

28 thoughts on “1920 Van Camp’s Baked Beans Advertisement

  1. Hehe! Have to agree with the DumbestBlogger – Van Camp’s tend to the runny side. Perhaps the recipe has changed over the last 100 years?? My father had some strange ideas one of which was that baked beans were “poor people” food. I hadn’t tasted baked beans until I went to school and had the school lunch! I liked them then and still do.

    1. It won’t surprise me if the recipe has changed across the years – thought it also won’t surprise me if the beans a hundred years ago actually had a higher proportion of sauce to beans than shown in the drawing. Even today I think of baked beans as an inexpensive (but tasty) source of protein.

      1. On a slice of lovely sourdough very nice , Sheryl nothing fancy or if you don’t like your toast to go soggy have the toast on the side and eat with your beans,,,

        1. I like toast with Welch Rarebit (cheese sauce) on it. I also like creamed vegetables on toast, so it wouldn’t bother me if the liquid in the beans softened the toast.

  2. They’ve been around forever, haven’t they? Sadly, I think of one of the few people in the world who doesn’t like baked beans. The ad is quite cool though!

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