13 thoughts on “1919 Baker’s Chocolate Advertisement

  1. Merry Christmas to you! And what an utterly charming post for the day. The expression on their faces is perfect, and the older lady reminds me of my grandmother: not the features, but the expression.

  2. Wonderful to see this ad, the implications and graphics of the times. And the chocolate is still gracing Christmas kitchens one hundred years later. Merry Christmas, Sheryl.

  3. Established 1780, MA. We can see the pride, the care and time investment for their art. Wonder how much Hershey in PA, became their competition, a hundred years later. And/or if this ad had anything to do with that, still decades later. Bitter Sweet. Whatever, chocolate has staying power.

  4. We always used Baker’s chocolate for baking. I never remembered that it was very bitter until I tried a nibble. At least it lasted in a house with four kids.

  5. Merry Christmas! I was hunting for a recipe and found a cookbook that is very old (1850) I wish I had a way to scan the pages to send to you! I’m not sure I can interpret the measurements or the oven temps. Do you know what temp a “slow oven” is?

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