1919 Baker’s Coconut Advertisement

Baker's Coconut Advertisement with image of coconut tree and can of coconut
Source: American Cookery (April, 1919)

Today some people believe that coconut milk has health benefits. A hundred years ago, advertisers were also promoting the use of coconut milk – but to save milk and shortening.  Coconut milk could be substituted for the milk and some of the fat in recipes. Back then coconut apparently came in cans which contained a mixture of shredded coconut and coconut milk – and cooks had to drain the coconut (and find uses for the coconut milk).

7 thoughts on “1919 Baker’s Coconut Advertisement

  1. I use coconut milk from the can when I make curries. I never thought to use it as a substitute in baking recipes. Perhaps everything old can be new again!

  2. I love everything coconut and here it is 100 years later. It is still controversial but delicious in any form and Bakers is still the brand for modern cooks.

  3. My use for coconut milk would be to make pina coladas. I remember Baker’s Coconut when it came in a can. I never knew the coconut milk came with the grated coconut and had to be drained. Interesting!

  4. I remember coconut in a can, too, but without the milk. I do seem to recall that the canned was far more moist than what comes in packages today. The best coconut I ever had was in Liberia. If I paid a couple of village boys a nickel each, one would shinny up a coconut tree and knock one down to his buddy. In turn, he’d whack one end off with his machete, and there it would be– nice, fresh, coconut milk. I’d drink that, and then take the coconut home to grate or chunk the meat. Great fun!

  5. I remember the can coconut with its milk! Mom would make the most wonderful cake using both … what I wouldn’t give for a piece of that cake made by mom… and her days of baking are over. Saddest part is if I made it the family would all turn up their noses!🥺😁.

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