Hundred-Year-Old Tips for Frying Perfect Bacon

Picture of bacon frying in a pan with directions for making it.
Source: Ladies Home Journal (1919)

When I make bacon, it sometimes turns out better than other times, so I was pleased to find tips for making perfect bacon in a Swift’s Premium Bacon advertisement in a hundred-year-old magazine.

16 thoughts on “Hundred-Year-Old Tips for Frying Perfect Bacon

  1. I make mine in the oven, with the cookie sheets lined in foil. Easy clean-up for this semi-lazy cook ; )
    Also: put paper towels on a plate to let cool, then carefully wrap bacon in those paper towels and put in freezer bags. So quick anytime, when any one wants a slice, re-heat in the micro for a few seconds.
    We rarely eat an entire pound at once, so this is my “bacon hack”, as the kids say. Cook once, eat many times : )
    Wish I had that pan in the picture though! My Dad had one and they were the best for bacon and for fried potatoes. (His wore out, unfortunately ) Thanks for memory, Sheryl!

  2. I’ve always done the first two steps and I fry my bacon on a Wolf Gourmet Griddle so the grease falls into a tray underneath the griddle. Another suggestion I would add Oscar Meyer Bacon always turns out perfect!

  3. See carolanne78: me too! Turns out great, too. But I think your recipe here is how my mom used to make it. Now she buys pre-cooked 🤣.

  4. We have had bacon eaters at our house, and a whole package can disappear for one breakfast. I use the microwave oven, a bacon cook tray, and a paper tower over the bacon. I enjoyed reading this and am envious that the person was cooking only six trips of bacon.

  5. Bacon is so tasty fried in a pan. I’ve always had trouble getting it cooked evenly and crispy. Thanks for this helpful article. I enjoy learning the old ways that still help today.

  6. How I already do it! Although I do let the fat built up a bit. And I’ll confess it can be messy.

    My wife has taken to making it in the oven, as somebody above does, but I’ll be frank. I don’t like the bacon cooked that way. It just doesn’t seem the same.

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