Poppy Luncheon Table

A hundred years ago luncheons with friends often had beautiful tablescapes designed by the hostess.  Here’s a suggestion for how to create a beautiful table featuring poppies:

The poppy luncheon offers splendid possibilities for the massing of a single color, or two or three shades. Scarlet and white, or pink and white blooms blend wonderfully.

American Cookery (November 1916)

Source: American Cookery (November, 1916)

Poppies are so fleeting – and only last a few hours once cut, but my poppies are blooming, so this is the perfect time for a poppy luncheon.

Unfortunately, I failed to get organized enough to invite friends over, Not to be deterred,  I cut a poppy and popped it into a bud vase, got the good china out – and had a delightful poppy luncheon for one.

24 thoughts on “Poppy Luncheon Table

  1. Ha! I *just* responded to a comment of yours and said you needed to find a way to incorporate some of your flowers into your posts . . .and then I saw this! It’s lovely! I love poppies but I can’t seem to grow them . . .

    1. I have one small group of poppies right outside my back door – but can’t seem to get them going in any other spot. Years ago I got a free packet of poppy seeds in the mail as part of some sort of promotion. I opened the back door and dumped them in the flower bed right by the door. They’re flourished in that spot despite a lack of direct sunlight. Every year, I collect some of the seeds and try to get them started in a better spot – with absolutely no luck. I can’t figure it out, but probably will give it a try again this year.

  2. I love poppies, and could easily put together a poppy table. Some of my favorite vintage china has a nice variation — purple and yellow poppies, which appear to be stylized California poppies. When I found some sheer floral curtains that perfectly match the dinnerware colors, did I buy a set for the dining room? Of course I did!

  3. How delightful! I like your table photo bet than the old one ,just a little to cluttered for me,unless you didn’t want to look at your guest across the table.😁

    1. It does seem like all the poppies on the old table were right at eye level. They didn’t seem to worry much about vases and centerpieces blocking the view a hundred year ago. I’m not sure why.

    1. A nice ambiance can make a meal more enjoyable – even if it just for me. I should put flowers on the table and use nice dishes more often.

    1. I had fun planning this post. –What vase should I use? Should I pick one poppy or a bunch? Should I use a placemat or tablecloth? etc.

  4. Your table is so simple that it’s lovely and refreshing. The vintage picture is pretty, but almost too busy; your version is gorgeous!

  5. Even better, in some ways, to do it just for you! Sometimes we need to remember that 🙂 I had trouble trying to start poppies for years here in the Hudson Valley, then finally some seeds from an old PA farmhouse finally took. Good genes, I guess! I look forward to their brief display every May.

    1. Many of the flowers which do the best in my garden are the ones that neighbors gave me because they had too many in their yard – good genes or maybe the flowers were just really well-adapted to grow in the type of soil and climate that we both have in our yards.

    1. hmm. . . I’m not sure. Now that you mention, you may be right. I think that my friends just say things like, “Would you like to come over for lunch?” Somehow a lunch does sound as special as a luncheon. 🙂

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