Reviving Withered Root Vegetables

My refrigerator always seems to have a few miscellaneous food lurking in it that have seen better days – like the plastic bag filled with carrots that I bought several weeks ago, but somehow had never used. So I was thrilled to find a hundred-year-old suggestion for reviving carrots and other root vegetables.

Root vegetables, such as turnips and carrots, that have been withered need not be thrown away. Revive them by slicing off the ends and laying them in cold water. In a few hours their natural freshness will be restored.

Ladies Home Journal (March, 1918)

This tip worked wonderfully.  The revived carrots were almost as good as ones I’ve freshly pulled from my garden.

15 thoughts on “Reviving Withered Root Vegetables

    1. I have also revived celery by cutting off the ends and standing them up in a glass of water for a few hours. Never thought to do this with carrots, parsnips, etc. Would this technique work with potatoes, I wonder?

  1. I have some slightly withered carrots in the fridge right now, that I was going to steam with broccoli. Instead, I’ll do a little experimentation tonight and see what happens. I’ve never heard of this.

  2. Hello Sheryl! I’m back from an amazing trip to the Southern Hemisphere, and making some blog visits. What a great tip! I feel so guilty when I waste food.
    Hope you are well!

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