Hundred-Year-Old Breakfast in Bed Place Settings

Source: American Cookery (April, 1917)
Source: American Cookery (April, 1917)

Breakfast in bed . . . those three words convey the ultimate in pampering to me. A century-old article in a popular women’s magazine, suggested that breakfast in bed may have been more popular than it is now.Β  American Cookery showed several examples of beautiful place-settings that could be used to serve breakfast in bed. The article indicated that breakfast is bed was not just a luxury for wealthy people, but a nice change of pace for anyone:

But to all, even hum-drum women, there dawn days when a bit “under the weather” we merit the pleasure of a secluded breakfast. When a rarity, it is a joy. Many women who could not stand it daily – who like to be “up and at it” – confess to a veritable delight in a dainty bedside breakfast when overtired or indisposed.

Source: American Cookery (April, 1917)
Source: American Cookery (April, 1917)

26 thoughts on “Hundred-Year-Old Breakfast in Bed Place Settings

  1. The only time I can remember eating from a bed tray is in childhood, when I was ill. Now, breakfast in bed just doesn’t appeal — but I don’t read in bed, either, so I’m probably just weird. πŸ™‚

    1. I also remember my mother serving me meals in bed when I was ill as a child – though I never served my own children meals in bed. It never seemed as if any of them were so sick that they couldn’t make it to the table.

  2. I can almost remember those days, though I never experienced it myself, except for when I was a kid with one of my fairly frequent sick-in-bed occasions. Then my mother did try to make the tray look nice — but not with our best china.

  3. I always wanted to have breakfast in bed. How romantic. NOT. My back was uncomfortable, crumbs over the sheets and bed clothes and guess what I had to wiggle out and take care of my own tray. Not so glamororus

  4. Nope, I don’t get the attraction of breakfast in bed either. Crumbs, risk of slopping the coffee. What’s to like? A lazy morning for me means reading in bed for as long as I feel like, before getting up,showering and getting dressed, then having a nice civilised breakfast in the kitchen, preferably prepared by someone else.

  5. Love the dishes. I’m reading that most of the ladies wouldn’t like to be served in bed. 😁 Me neither! But I do enjoy being served coffee in the evening when my feet are kicked up.

  6. Those bluebird dishes: Absolutely adorable. I wonder what food was under the covered dish? Perhaps the toast ; ) Like most of the commenters, I prefer eating at table!

    1. Maybe . . . there are a lot of different dishes on the tray. One of them might be for serving a soft-boiled egg – so it would make sense if toast was also served.

  7. Most women I know could use a bit of pampering: someone to deliver a warm, delicious meal. I mean, how often do we give ourselves a bit of love.

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