Glazed Mint Apples Recipe

Glazed Mint Apples

I love these last lazy-daisy days of summer. The apples are ripe, the mint plants in my garden are going wild—and I found a recipe that used both ingredients in a hundred-year-old magazine.

Glazed Mint Apples are easy to make: and a healthy, refreshing dessert. Life is good!

Glazed Mint Apples

6 apples (McIntosh or other variety that retains shape when cooked)

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

2 dozen mint sprigs

Boil sugar and water together for fifteen minutes. Pare and core apples, and place in a frying pan. Pour the sugar syrup over them, add eighteen of the mint-sprigs tied in a bunch, and simmer slowly. Turn often to prevent them from becoming mushy. Each time the apples are turned, use spoon to baste apples with sugar syrup. When the apples have softened (about 20 minutes), remove carefully from pan, baste with a small amount syrup, and put a sprig of mint in the hole of each apple. Serve warm or cold.

Adapted from a recipe in Good Housekeeping (October, 1915)

21 thoughts on “Glazed Mint Apples Recipe

  1. This looks quite good, but what I see that really piques my interest is your spiced crabapple recipe. If I saw it before, I don’t remember it — but those spiced crabapples were a part of every holiday dinner. Now they’ll be back this year!

    1. I’m glad you noticed the spiced crab apple recipe. It is one of my all-time most popular posts. I actually made some spiced crab apples last week-end. My husband and I really like them

  2. What a lovely simple recipe and I’ll bet it tastes wonderful too. Those were the days before mass processed tasteless goodies were available everywhere and anywhere.

    1. I’m trying to take myself back to when I made the Glazed Mint Apples. I think it was a hot day, and all my windows were open–so I didn’t get to enjoy the wonderful aroma as much as I would have if things had been closed up a little more.

  3. I made these mint apples, very lovely and everyone thought I am a genius. They are so wrong. I tried to bake bread, disaster. Tried to make a pie, not a disaster, but a disaster. I will try and try until I get the curst perfect. You know, some of us only know frozen pie crusts. I want to make it from scratch and cut little hearts into the top crust. We will see…
    Have Lentil, grain soup coking right now. Having a nice day. Successful so far in all aspects. Sheryl! So, glad you are back. Oh yes, and I see others are right with you again. Hooray.

    1. mmm. . . the lentil grain soup sounds wonderful.

      Thanks for taking a moment to let me know that you tried this recipe. It’s wonderful to know that you made the apples and that they turned out well.

      I also have had lots of cooking disasters. In my opinion, most good cooks enjoy experimenting, and the “art” of cooking, which can lead to disasters from time to time.

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