Which Margaret Does the Diary Entry Refer to?

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Sunday, June 8, 1913:  Went to Sunday School this morning. From there I went along home with Margaret. Spent the afternoon and I came home later on.

2010 photo of the same section of Main Street, McEwensville.
I can picture Grandma and Margaret happily chatting as they walked down this street on a nice June day a hundred years ago.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Another minor mystery–Margaret could refer to one of two friends:  Margaret Bryson or Margaret G. (I don’t know Margaret G.’s last name. )

My gut feeling is that Grandma went home with  Margaret Bryson after Sunday School (though I don’t think that Margaret Bryson generally attended the same church–the McEwensville Baptist Church– as Grandma), because she is the Margaret most recently mentioned in the diary. She was the sister of Blanche Bryson and on May 13, 1913, Grandma wrote:

 . . . The Bryson girls were down.

But, then again, Margaret might refer to another friend, Margaret G. On January 29, 1913 Grandma wrote:

. . . Margaret G. came home with me to stay till tomorrow. We had a dandy time this evening, although I am afraid our lessons suffered some. Rufus made candy. And so the evening went.

I’d like to thank Janet Shuman for making a comment on the previous post about the Bryson girls. She told me that Margaret was the name of Blanche’s sister.  Janet is related to the Brysons—and  her comments have really helped me learn more about them.

15 thoughts on “Which Margaret Does the Diary Entry Refer to?

  1. It’s truly amazing to be able to read and blog about grandma’s journal 100 years later. My grandparents are illiterate, we only hear stories by what they tell us when young. So much is lost as I am forget and that is one reason why I blog (to remember one day at a time). So happy that you get the insight of your granny 🙂

    1. I am fortunate to have the diary–but, like you, I find that I forget stories stories that my parents and grandparents told. I’m sure I’ve forgotten many, but I’m also surprised how many I remember. Sometimes I’ll read something,or someone will say something; and an old story that I had totally forgotten will pop into my head.

      1. Those were the days… some theories have it that as we grow older, we remember things from the past more clearly than what we did yesterday, lol… guess we are growing old too 🙂

  2. I’m sure Grandma was excited to have something to write about after her “dry” period! That’s nice that you have a reader who’s related to Grandma’s friends.

  3. It’s nice that she was able to spend some time away from the farm and I bet they had a nice afternoon tea.

  4. I’m really struck by how the life of a small time teen really hasn’t changed much in 100 years. I could see two girls wondering along that street, chatting today except they’d probably be on their phone 😀

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