Rainy Morning and Flooded Creek

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Thurday, March 27, 1913:  There was quite a flood here today. Had to go a different way to get to school.

Ruth’s school stopped today. Had to help carry some stuff over there this morning. I got rather tired with carrying it and got my dress all wet in the bargain.

Sometimes a walk just makes you feel better.

Recent photo of the stream that flows through the farm Grandma grew up on. The old Muffly barn is in the background--and the cows were probably pastured in this field.
Recent photos of the stream that flows through the farm Grandma grew up on. The old Muffly barn is in the background. It would have looked very different when the road was flooded a hundred years ago today,

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

It sounds like a miserable morning.  Rain. . .cold, wet clothes. . .  and a flooded creek that cut off the normal route between the Muffly farm and McEwensville.


Grandma’s sister Ruth was a teacher at one of the small rural schools near McEwensville. Why did Grandma need to carry things over to Ruth’s school?

Does “Ruth’s school stopped today” mean that school was cancelled due to high water? . . or was it the last day of the school year? (School years were shorter back then, but it seems really early for it to be ending.)

12 thoughts on “Rainy Morning and Flooded Creek

  1. So many questions. I can’t imagine what folks went through in those days – walking to school in all sorts of weather and…as you said, wet clothes… We’re so fortunate, and take it for granted!

  2. I can imagine that little stream over flowing, can’t you? When the water comes down from the mountains after a long winter or wet spring it takes seconds for small stream flooding to cause havoc. We have a tiny brook that runs near my house, I think it is a run off for the river anyway a few years ago it flooded the whole street where they closed down River Ave (good name for it that day) and we live in the city behind our nice strong dike! We had to go back into town to get on the beltway to head back into Loyalsock or Montoursville. It has never flooded like that again.

  3. I love it when Grandma has an exciting day. I think a flood might have given her a change of pace. Maybe moving things from one school to another was to keep them dry.

  4. When Grandma uses phrases like “some stuff” she sounds so completely current, as if she is writing in our own times.

  5. Must have had lots of snow that year to get spring flooding. Maybe more than usual. They are kind of worried about that here too. I can’t believe how green every thing is there already, Wow so pretty. I wonder if they were going on Easter break? Hope your Easter weekend is awesome Sheryl.

  6. Hi there, Maybe she got out early? We used to have a creek that was a huge part of the watershed where I grew up and that darn thing overflowed and caused all kinds of issues!

  7. Reminds me of my, ah, great-uncle’s (?) house. He lives deep in some woods along a precarious road and you have to drive past a creek to get to the house. If I remember correctly, it was a bit flooded when we visited. Whether or not that’s true, it was still a pain getting back there!

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