Went to Two Parties in Two Days

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today:

Tuesday, March 18, 1913:  Carrie came home from the party this morning. I had a very nice time. Went to another party tonight. Think this will be about enough for this week. Didn’t have quite as good a time tonight as I had last night.

Were the parties at one of these homes in McEwensville?

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

It sounds like Grandma was having fun–even if the party wasn’t as good as the one the day before. The previous day, Grandma wrote that she and her sister Ruth had gone to a party in McEwensville.

Carrie Stout was a friend. I’m not quite sure what it means that Carrie came home  “this morning”. Did Carrie stay at the party until after midnight? . . . or did she stay all night at the host’s home?

Two weeknight parties in one week seems like plenty to me.

I think that this entry and the one from the previous day are the first diary entries where Grandma wrote about going to a  party on a weeknight.

For much of the diary, it seemed like Grandma attended very few parties—and sometimes months passed with any mention of a party. I’m glad her social life was improving (but I hope her school work didn’t suffer).

11 thoughts on “Went to Two Parties in Two Days

  1. I’m not surprised she wouldn’t have as much fun at the second party, I seem to remember starting the party scene on Thursdays in my 20’s. I worked with all kids the same age. By Saturday, after being out Thurs and Friday..we’d be dragging butt. Now, if we party once every 6 months, that’s enough. LOL

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