Memorized 700+ Bible Verses

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Sunday, May 26, 1912: Went to Sunday School this morning. I’ve finished learning verses for my Bible which means I have learned the required number. I expect to get it next Sunday. Went up to Brysons this afternoon as I thought no visitors would come anyway. Ruth and I went to church this evening. I’m rather tired after all my walking.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Wow! Grandma did it! She memorized 700+ verses, and was going to get a Bible.  I was sure that she’d give up.

On September 17, 1911 she’d written:

Went to Sunday School this morning. I usually get there every Sunday. In fact I haven’t missed going since in January. One reason for my regular attendance is that if you learn a number of verses from the Bible (over 700 it is) you will in the course of time receive a Bible.

And, on September 24, 1911 she wrote:

. . . Only learned seven verses for today, usually have twenty-seven. . .

Grandma mentioned memorizing verses several additional times during Fall, 1911 but the last time she wrote about it was on December 23. I’d felt certain that she’d never reach her goal—but I was wrong. Grandma persisted, but apparently didn’t think it was worth mentioning each week in the diary.

11 thoughts on “Memorized 700+ Bible Verses

  1. I can’t even imagine memorizing the Bible, in spite of the fact that I spend a lot of time in it’s pages… and love it’s wisdom. When I was younger it was easier to memorize things… I’m sure it must have brought her a certain amount of comfort once she got into the pace and was more concerned about what the verses said than how many she could memorize in one day. Step by step…enjoying the journey.

  2. wow! The only verses I’ve memorized are those that implanted themselves in my brain from listening to years of Scripture during church service.

  3. Despite hearing various readings and gospels for 50+ years I wouldn’t come close to remembering 70 let alone 700! Amazing achievement isn’t it?

  4. Was wondering what she meant when she said “expect I’ll get it next Sunday” until I read her writing of 17 Sep 1911… so, she’ll get her Bible. Clever girl!

  5. loved your post and am glad I stopped by.Did you know your Grandma very well? I would love to have written word that my Grandma wrote.I loved her so much and it would be a blessed gift to read words she had written.God’s Blessings Liz

    1. Grandma lived about a mile from where my family lived when I was a child, and I saw her frequently. She was kind and caring–but always seemed very old. I wish that I’d known more about what she’d been like as a teen when I was young–I think that I probably would have related to her in a very different way from what I did.

  6. Helena must have really been keen on being awarded that Bible Sheryl! Do you know where it is now? I spoke to my father’s cousin on Sunday, he is 84, and he told me he has his father’s Bible, given as a prize, and dated 1899.

    1. I don’t know what happened to Grandma’s Bible.

      When I was a child, at the church I attended, every child in a certain grade received a Bible. It’s interesting how Grandma had to work so hard for her Bible–and how it seemed like I got mine so easily.

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