1921 Lowney’s Almond Milk Chocolate Bar Advertisement

Lowney's Almond Milk Chocolate Bar Advertisement, 1921
Source: Lowney’s Cook Book (1921 Edition)

I am intrigued by this 1921 advertisement. The 1920’s were a time of rapid change, and schools were becoming larger with some even having school lunch rooms or cafeterias. However, I’m uncertain that it can be considered progress when more and more school lunch rooms were selling Lowney’s Almond Milk Chocolate Bars.

Church Cookbook Advertisements A Hundred Years Ago

Advertisements in church cookbook
Source: Ladies’ Union Cook Book (1921) compiled by the Ladies of the West Concord Union Church, Concord Junction, Massachusetts

Church cookbooks, both a hundred years ago and now, often contain advertisements from local businesses. The ads can help defray the cost of producing the cookbook, and can increase profits if the cookbook is sold as a fundraiser.

These advertisements are often very basic – yet I enjoy looking at them. They provide insights into the community and the times. For example, these advertisements from a 1921 Massachusetts church cookbook compiled by ladies of West Concord Union Church (Why are they called “ladies” rather than “women”? And, though perhaps it is obvious given the year, why did just “ladies” compile the cookbook rather than church “members”?) suggest that many homes regularly purchased ice (For an ice box?), that fresh fish was readily available, and that the area was fairly rural.