1923 Minute Tapioca Advertisement

Minute Tapioca Advertisement
Source: American Cookery (June/July, 1923)

Tapioca pudding is one of those classic comfort foods, so I guess it should be no surprise that Minute Tapioca has been around for a least a hundred years.

22 thoughts on “1923 Minute Tapioca Advertisement

  1. My husband ate tapioca pudding for 80 years and loved it. I didn’t taste it until we married. We had it regularly, and how I wish I had served it more often before he died! There is probably a box of it still in the cabinet.

  2. I was thrilled when I discovered minute tapioca not long after I moved into my first apartment. I never ate “library paste” so I had nothing to compare it to, but I thought it delicious. I was not sophisticated enough to consider adding fruit or other flavors, but to this day, I still occasionally buy a package of tapioca pudding from the dairy case. I wonder what was in the Minute Tapioca Cook Book? I feel a surge of “research” coming on!

  3. Tapioca? Nooooooo! When we had ‘frogs’ spawn’ for school dinners, it was a dreadful day indeed. You’ll never get tapioca down the gullet of an English person of a certain generation.

  4. Always hated the texture so another no! I suspect if my mother had added fruit I would have thought differently, love fruit. I have used it as a thickener for fruit pies but never never never as a pudding.

    1. My mother used it as a thickener in pies- but for some reason I’ve always used flour. Not sure why I don’t make pies the same way she did.

  5. It is essential at my house! I use it in all my pies – tastes much better than flour and works better too. I make a dessert called “Sot Suppe” that is tapioca based. I use the instant tapioca instead of the regular soak overnight pearl tapioca…

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