1922 Gift Idea – A Subscription to American Cookery

1922 American Cookery advertisement
Source: Amercian Cookery (December, 1922)

Still look for Christmas gift ideas? Well . . . one idea in the December, 1922 issue of American Cookery was to give subscriptions to the magazine. And, the price was right at only $1.50 for a one-year subscription. 

12 thoughts on “1922 Gift Idea – A Subscription to American Cookery

    1. Maybe – The cover of American Cookery Magazine says that it was “fomerly The Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Schience and Domestic Economics.”

    1. I’ve made numerous recipes that appeared in various issues of American Cookery magazine. The recipes generally are nice and turn out well – though some seem out-of-fashion or old-fashioned.

    1. I also used to sometimes give magazine subscriptions though haven’t recently – though I have given electronic subscriptions to newspapers recently.

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