1922 Wagner Cast Aluminum Preserving Kettle Advertisement

Wagner Ware Preserving Kettle Advertisement
Source: American Cookery (June/July, 1922)

As canning season swings into full gear, I’m taking inventory of my canning equipment and supplies, and figuring out what I may need to purchase. The pan I use when making jams and jellies doesn’t have a very thick bottom, and I’ve occasionally scorched jams and jellies – especially when making old recipes that don’t call for pectin and require a lot of boiling to thicken the mixture. So I found this hundred-year-old advertisement for a Wagner Cast Aluminum Preserving Kettle intriguing. I think that I need a modern version of this kettle with it’s thick bottom and sides.

5 thoughts on “1922 Wagner Cast Aluminum Preserving Kettle Advertisement

  1. I have one of these, although it doesn’t have the pouring spout. It belonged to my mother, as did the high-sided aluminum pan we used for making candy. They’re quite wonderful. I use mine all the time.

  2. Oh my! So familiar. I’m sorry I don’t still have it. Here’s the story. I inherited my mother-in -laws kettle. It was in our log home in Vermont when thieves broke in and stole everything, including furniture, kitchen equipment, and beer. They left two things of note — the wine, and my mother-in-laws kettle. The latter stayed with me until I drastically downsized for my move in 2018. I would have loved to send it to you.

  3. I have my great grandmother’s – passed down from mother to daughter! I haven’t made jam for awhile but it was so very good and the pouring spout was so handy! I’ve used it for a Halloween candy holder and for boiling corn for a family reunion. It has lots of memories attached!

  4. I agree that a good heavy pan is nice when cooking with something that sticks quickly. I use stainless steel pans ,paid a little more than I wanted to when we were newlyweds but they were worth every penny,for they are still going strong.

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