Breakfast – One of the Important Events of the Day

bacon and eggs

A hundred-year-old cookbook emphasized the importance of breakfast. Here are a few excerpts:

Breakfast – One of the Important Events of the Day

Breakfast in most homes is, without doubt, the simplest meal of the day and the one requiring the least thought and effort in preparation. But when we consider the fact that breakfast is also the first meal of the day and is the one that should furnish the necessary food principles to the body to aid it in starting and carrying on the work for the day, we can readily understand the importance of this meal and why it is necessary to begin the day with proper food. 

The right kind of food, properly prepared, keeps the body in a healthful condition. And a healthy body is able to resist and throw off disease; an undernourished body is very susceptible to germs and will not recover from a severe illness so readily as one that is properly nourished and kept in a resistant condition.

Many persons consider breakfast of so little importance that they omit this meal entirely. This seems a mistake, for in the morning the stomach is practically empty and, in order “to start the day right,” some food should be taken unless for some good reason a physician has advised otherwise.

Again, breakfasts are often eaten very hurriedly, which is wrong. In order to receive the greatest benefit from the food, it should be thoroughly broken up in the mouth so that the digestive juices may begin their action. If food is not broken up before entering the stomach it must done there and this means a strain on that organ. Overwork will gradually cause it to weaken; so in time the stomach will not be able to perform its functions properly.

It may seem difficult to get the variety in our breakfast menus that the large number of luncheon and dinner dishes afford, because there is a limited number of so-called typical breakfast dishes. But there is an endless variety of methods of preparing these different foods, so that there is really no need of monotony at this meal.

Mrs. DeGraf’s Cook Book (1922)

8 thoughts on “Breakfast – One of the Important Events of the Day

  1. Of course, there’s no need to limit the number of foods that can serve as breakfast. In grade school, I went through a phase where I wanted tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. My mother wasn’t sure about that, but my dad pointed out that if a glass of milk was added, it was a perfectly nutritious meal. And it was. (My little quirk lasted about six months, as I recall.)

  2. Most days breakfast was a rushed affair but weekends were a completely different scenario! Mt father would make pancakes or waffles and my mother would serve eggs and either ham, sausage, or bacon and if it was a “high” occasion, we would have potatoes too! I can still smell the bacon frying!

  3. I love breakfast foods. I’m not an early breakfast eater, as I get Leona fed and comfortable before I eat. Breakfast taste good then as I have worked up an appetite. I like to make breakfast foods for supper too.

  4. My grandparents loved breakfasts with soft boiled eggs in special egg cups and toast made on an old fashioned device. Sadly my mother gave into cold cereal and I grew up on Corn Flakes. No substitute for Grannie’s meals.

  5. “Breakfast … is, without doubt, the simplest meal of the day and the one requiring the least thought and effort in preparation.” This is why I often eat breakfast at each meal! Some fruit and yogurt, eggs and a glass of milk, and other simple foods are good choices for this low-effort-seeking vegetarian. Thank you for the neat article!

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