1922 Sterno Canned Heat Folding Stove Advertisement

Advertisement for Sterno Canned Heat Folding Stove
Source: American Cookery (December, 1922)

Sometimes hundred-year-old advertisements befuddle me. Even though money was worth a lot more in 1922, how can the company afford to send these folding stoves to people who send them 10 cents?

24 thoughts on “1922 Sterno Canned Heat Folding Stove Advertisement

  1. Don’t forget that Sterno made the little cannisters of fuel, too. It might have been smart marketing. Send out the stoves as a loss leader, and then make money selling the fuel for the stove.

  2. We used Sterno back in the 70s during the fondue craze, and of course, it fueled the food pans in buffets. I suppose it even gave the band “Canned Heat” their name. 🙂

    1. The band did take its name from the product. One of the members of the band had a vast knowledge of blues from the 20s and 30s, and he was likely aware that there’s a song called Canned Heat Blues about an alcoholic drinking the alcohol from it. As I think that it’s wood alcohol, that practice would entail a high risk of death or blindness.

      1. Yes, Tommy Johnson’s Canned Heat Blues. I did a bit of research about the songs related to Jamaican Ginger, more commonly known as Jake, which led to the Jake Leg Blues.

  3. In the 1950’s my mother used just such a little folding Sterno stove when the power went out. As others have said, they made their money selling the little fuel canisters.

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