1922 Opinions About the Relationship Between Vitamins and Colds

apple and orange

Here are a few excerpts from a hundred-year-old article about vitamins and colds.

Have vitamins anything to do with one’s immunity to colds? Through some years of watching the needs of a family, in dietetics, and in nursing, I have concluded that they have.

In the days when the real necessity for raw foods was unknown, when fruits were cooked for winter serving and we used canned vegetables, colds were very common. The longing for spring and fresh things was almost irresistible. The one really well person in the house was great grandma who never left her chair, ate only what she liked, but who always had her morning orange, her cream, and fresh laid eggs. We went through many dense years, fighting through the winter, to spring.

When the children went to college, a wonderful inspiration made me insist that, while there, they ate freely of apples and oranges, to break up the concentrated diet. Soon, the young people joined Grandma in the ranks of those who took few colds.

The children have graduated, but they stick to their love for fresh fruits and salads, and quickly throw off contagion.

Abridged from American Cookery (March, 1922)

14 thoughts on “1922 Opinions About the Relationship Between Vitamins and Colds

    1. I agree that we are back to eating fresh. I was a little surprised when I read the article in the hundred-year-old magazine how few fresh foods many people apparently ate a hundred years ago.

  1. Keen observation skills! And her assumptions have now been confirmed with science!! Doesn’t surprise me as “domestic engineers” were so very in tune with their families!

    1. Now that you mention it, this article was a nice example of how women a hundred years ago merged their personal experiences with what the experts said. Many women took their role as domestic engineer very seriously, Though it seems old-fashioned today, at the time, the idea that women could manage their households just as efficiently and scientifically as a man managed a business was considered very forward thinking.

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