1921 Christmas Home Economics Lesson

Christmas Lesson in 1921 home economics textbook
Source: Elementary Home Economics (1921) by Mary Lockwood Matthews,

A hundred years ago home economics textbooks sometimes had “Christmas Lessons” where the students learned how to make candy. One book recognized that “small children are better without candy. . . ” before moving on to describing how to make candy.

This lesson reminds me of another lesson that I did a post on several years ago. That lesson was on making candy gift boxes.

How to Make a Triangular Candy (Gift) Box

9 thoughts on “1921 Christmas Home Economics Lesson

  1. Christmas lessons sound as though they would have been fun. My mother had a few nice recipes for fudge which she would occasionally use around Christmas time. The fudge was mostly for giving away .

  2. It was interesting that they said candy was fine for adults. I find the older I get, the more I have to cut back on sweets. I guess they did not have a yearly blood sugar test. None the less, I do make Christmas candy.

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