The “Feeding the Family” Club

pot roast slices, potatoes, and carrots on plateA hundred years ago, a group of women in Long Beach California belonged to a “Feeding the Family” club. It was organized by the local public schools. There were many similar clubs throughout the U.S. at that time. Here is what a 1921 magazine article said about the Long Beach group:

“Feeding the Family” Club

Women are waking up to the fact that upon their shoulders rests the responsibility of having a healthier nation. Too many people are dying of avoidable diseases. Rich foods have taken more toll of life than war and pestilence, dieticians tell us. More and more stress is being placed upon diet – not for the sick only, but for those in good health, that they may preserve it. By diet we mean the proper combinations of foods and the scientific uses of vitamins, starches, proteins and acids.  What we need is more than a reading acquaintance with those subjects.

A certain group of women in Long Beach , Calif. have decided that the acquisition of knowledge concerning food properties is the only way to better living for their families. They have grouped together under the name of the “Feeding the Family” Club, and under the leadership of the head of the department of domestic science of the public schools, they meet on Wednesday evening each week for two hours to learn how to prepare healthful, nourishing meals for the average family.

There sixteen women in the group, representing fifty-six persons, most of whom are children in school. Think what it means to those children to have mothers who are vitally interested in seeing them grow up to be strong, virile men and women. “Knowledge makes Power” aye, the knowledge of the mothers of today makes for the powerful citizens of tomorrow.

American Cookery (November, 1921)

23 thoughts on “The “Feeding the Family” Club

    1. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way before, but I think you are right. The modern equivalent of cooking clubs are cooking blogs, YouTube, etc.

  1. The clubs must have been very helpful to the women shouldering the burden of feeding their families. Sadly, a hundred years later, it still seems to be mostly women who carry that burden.

    1. Sometimes it had to have been very difficult for women in the past who needed to get meals on the table 3 times a day, 365 years a year. Hopefully others help more today – but maybe I’m an optimist.

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