1921 Baker’s Chocolate Advertisement

1921 Advertisement for Baker's Chocolate
Source: Boston Cooking-School Cook Book (1921)

My holiday baking has begun! I bought some Baker’s Chocolate last week. Then yesterday I came across this ad for Baker’s Chocolate in a 1921 cookbook – and am in awe that this product has been around for more than 240 years (241 years to be exact).

13 thoughts on “1921 Baker’s Chocolate Advertisement

    1. Each December I start digging through my pantry to figure out whether I need to buy some baking chocolate or if I still have some from the previous year. If I have sufficient chocolate, then I have to check the expiration date and may still have to buy some.

    1. It took me aback to bit to read in a hundred-year-old ad that “for more than 140 years that this chocolate has been the standards for purity, delicacy of flavor, and uniform quality.” It makes me wonder which currently existing companies have been around for the longest time.

  1. All these years I thought the word “bakers” referred to that it was baking chocolate, not a person’s name! I also love that it makes a point to describe the color of the wrapper and label, in a B&W ad πŸ™‚ Somehow I know you have a proper double boiler to melt this with, Sheryl!

    1. I also was surprised that it referred to a person’s name when I read this ad. It’s fascinating when a surname matches an occupation. I hate to disappoint you but I don’t have a double boiler. πŸ™‚

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