1921 Dehydrated Oysters and Clams Advertisement

Advertisement for Dehydrated Oysters and Clams
Source: American Cookery (November, 1921)

Ever see an ad for a product that sounds awful? Well this is one of those times. This hundred-year-old ad does not make me want to buy powdered dehydrated oysters and clams. Somehow I’m guessing that this product has not stood the test of time.

22 thoughts on “1921 Dehydrated Oysters and Clams Advertisement

  1. It has indeed stood the test of time. There are a number of US companies that sell dehydrated seafood powders. It is used in industrial preparation of soups, stews, sauces, etc., and is also quite common in Asian regions. I even located one academic scholarly study on identification of dehydrated seafood species. It is a cool and rainy day here; I might be doing dehydration research. 🙂

    1. I’m glad it was a cool and rainy day-and that you had time to research this. It’s fascinating that dehydrated seafood powders are used to make commercial products. But now that I think about it, it makes sense.

  2. Sounds like a forerunner of processed food designed to make meal preparation easier. However, this had to be an epic fail. Still funny for us though!

        1. Me neither, but one thing I learned about ordering seafood while living in West Texas…don’t. It has been at the bottom of a freezer for a couple of years.

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