1921 Fleischmann Yeast Advertisement

Advertisement for Fleischmann Yeast
Source: The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book (1921 Edition)

It’s always fun to read old advertisements. Both then and now ad writers knew how to promote products in ways that would increase sales. The slogan used in a 1921 Fleischmann Yeast advertisement, “Eat More Bread” doesn’t quite work for me, but maybe it sold yeast back in the day.

8 thoughts on “1921 Fleischmann Yeast Advertisement

  1. One of the oddities of the first months of the pandemic was the amount of Fleishmann’s yeast I sent around the country. We seemed to have a decent supply for a while, but many people didn’t, and when bread-baking became a favored at-home activity, the demand rose. One of our grocers told me the shelf shortages caught even the company by surprise, and it took them a good while to get everyone stocked again.

  2. Hehe! The advertising executive must have been Italian! My Italian friend’s mantra is “Eat bread! It builds blood!” No meal is complete without some bread (at least in her opinion). We rarely have bread with a meal anymore. I suppose it would be nice to bake a fresh loaf … Time to get out the bread machine and give it a whirl!

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