Hundred-Year-Old Directions for Frying Bacon

Baking frying in a pan

Some foods have retained their popularity across the years. Bacon is one of those foods. Here are hundred-year-old directions for frying bacon:

To Fry Bacon

Use a thick, or what is called a well-seasoned, frying pan. Put the slices of bacon in the cold pan and set over a slow fire until cooked, pour off the fat and set aside, not mixing it with other frying fats, for it is best kept separate for cooking eggs and frying slices of graham bread. Put some of the slices of bacon back into the pan to crisp, for those who like it that way, and toss about. 

American Cookery (August/September, 1921) 

12 thoughts on “Hundred-Year-Old Directions for Frying Bacon

  1. Yummy bacon. Wonder if the fried graham bread was French toast? This is almost the time of year to enjoy a good BLT sandwich. Grow tomatoes, grow!

  2. The day I began cooking bacon in the oven was a great day in my life. I do an entire pound, then freeze what I don’t want to use immediately. I put the strips on cooling racks set into rimmed cookie sheet that’s been lined with foil. There’s no mess, and cleanup is a breeze.

    I still have a token of the old days, though: the grease keeper from my grandmother’s range set. I still remember her dipping bacon grease from it for various uses.

  3. That’s probably the way my mother cooked bacon. I might try it, because I’d be able to see when to remove three slices for the one who likes his limp. The rest of us like crisp bacon, which is very easy to do in the microwave.

  4. We used to cook bacon in the oven. Sprinkle some course pepper on it first.
    My husband bought a Traeger smoker a few back and now he does it on there all the time.

  5. I grew up frying bacon in a skillet, although my mom did use the oven when she needed to make a lot all at one time. Now I just use the microwave, but it’s interesting to think how long bacon has been popular!

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