1921 Menus for Children’s Valentine Parties

Menus for Children's Valentines Parties
Source: Mrs. Scott’s Seasonal Cook Books (The North American Newspaper, Philadelphia, Autumn, 1920)

Valentine’s Day parties used to be one of the big annual elementary school events. Remember making valentine “mailboxes” out of shoeboxes? . . . And, remember reflecting on who to give which card? And, the anticipation and suspense before opening the valentines?

A hundred-years ago Valentine’s Day parties were also popular. A 1921 newspaper recipe supplement contained several menus for children’s valentine parties. Some of the recipes, like Brown Sugar Cracker Tarts, sound intriguing; others less so. Somehow heart-shaped minced ham sandwiches and heart-shaped creamed cheese sandwiches don’t quite work for me.

17 thoughts on “1921 Menus for Children’s Valentine Parties

  1. Making those heart shaped sandwiches was such a treat! I loved them: white bread cut-outs filled with ham salad, pimento cheese, cream cheese with chopped nuts and raisins. I still have a few of the Valentines from those shoe boxes.

  2. I remember the excitement of getting Valentine cards at the end of the school day.

    I was not looking at this on the laptop, where I could have made the menu larger. Does it really list iced cocoa? Did I read that correctly? Is that what I would call chocolate milk??

  3. Great to see the menu for children’s valentine parties one hundred years ago, Sheryl. Fascinating. Lots of red jelly. And am wondering about iced cocoa in February. This list made me want to dig out my heart-shaped cookie cutter for Sunday’s sandwiches. But, like you, I’ll pass on the minced ham.

  4. When I was a kid, we always did the decorated shoebox Valentine exchange, and it was one of the highlights of the school year. The “room mothers” would bring in cupcakes and other goodies, and it was a festive day indeed. The Valentines were like little treasures we would bring home and look at again and again.

  5. I don’t remember having a party but the little cards were fun to give out and receive. If minced ham is the same as ham salad sandwich they would be good

  6. I remember there used to be a decorated box for valentines and we all held our breath waiting to see if we would lucky of course the more popular girls got a lot and us less popular girls maybe one if we were lucky and the teacher always provided valentines biscuit or cakes 🙂

  7. I was more excited about making the Valentine’s Day box than getting the Valentines. I think I was in 2nd grade when some of the “rich” kids handed out purchased Valentines cards. Most of us had to make our own… My mother was a 1st grade teacher so we always colored and cut out valentines then glued them to white paper doilies! Thanks for the nudge to my memories… I don’t remember the party menu but we got to drink red Mr. Fizz and that was the big treat (kind of a tablet that you dropped into a glass of water and it would fizz like Alka-Seltzer!)

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