1921 Breakfast Menus (With and Without Meat)

List of breakfast menus
Source: American Cookery (November, 1921)

Most days I have cereal for breakfast. On week-ends, I may have a large breakfast with eggs, bacon, and toast. After looking at this list of 1921 suggested breakfast menus (with and without meat), I’m realizing that both my meatless breakfasts and my breakfasts with meat are relatively small by 1921 standards. To use 1921 terminology, I generally eat a “dainty” breakfast.

23 thoughts on “1921 Breakfast Menus (With and Without Meat)

  1. I looked at those menus and laughed aloud. When my friends and I were freshmen in high school, our mothers insisted we take one year of Home Ec. My eyes bugged out when the teacher presented some breakfast menus. Who ever heard of a menu for breakfast? You just stumbled to the table in your pajamas and ate what your mother put on the table.

  2. Those are some hearty breakfasts! I suppose if you were constipated all those bran/date/oatmeal entrees would do the job to “get you moving” in the morning! hehe!

  3. I have a background in nutrition and a hearty breakfast is one of the best things we can do for our health. Sufficient protein provides fuel for an active day and clear thinking, and eating in the morning allows the whole day for digesting it. I read everyone of these meals and am amazed at the creativity and variety. There were a few things I’d never heard of, like codfish balls and honeycomb tripe. Fun to read this list, thanks Sherry..

  4. Certainly a selection of breakfasts I noticed griddled rice cakes I do those with leftover rice sometimes ..but generally eat a dainty breakfast if I eat breakfast 🙂 x

  5. Where’s the peanut butter??? 🙂 Also, was wondering what the context was for this list. How many people chose not to eat meat, and was it a personal choice or a doctor-prescribed one? Lots of what I consider meat on the non-meat version.

  6. On a daily basis, my breakfast is mostly just toast, or oatmeal or cold cereal on occasion. When we travel (remember travel??), however, we love to have a “real” breakfast, particularly when there are regional or national variations. We often reminisce about memorable breakfasts on our domestic and foreign trips. It’s a sweet memory!

  7. This reminds me of the lavish breakfasts served me as a child on our cross country train trips in the 1950’s. I never ate more than a bowl of cereal at home and was astounded.

  8. Hmmm .. guess fish wasn’t meat? Codfish balls ,or mackerel…. 😀 most times breakfast around here is light except for Saturday then comes the pancakes, meat and eggs .

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