1920 School Christmas Party

Woman and child looking at Christmas tree
Source: Household Arts for Home and School (Vol. II), 1920

A 1920 home economics textbook contained a running story about the activities of a “household arts” class. Here’s some excepts from the section about preparing foods for a Christmas party for younger children at the school: 

When the Christmas party was planned each of the classes did its share to help. The household arts classes helped to fill the boxes and stockings with homemade candy and tied up many pop corn balls. 

Christmas food and decorations on a table

The girls enjoyed wrapping their boxes and pop corn balls in bright-colored papers to hang on the tree. Miss Washburn, the art teacher helped the girls make them attractive. Christmas gifts, however small, she said always give more pleasure when special care is given to the wrapping and tying. There was no danger in covering the pop corn balls with colored paper for they were first wrapped in waxed paper.  

Household Arts for Home and School (Vol. II) (1920) by Anna M. Cooley and Wilhelmina H. Spohr


16 thoughts on “1920 School Christmas Party

  1. The popcorn balls brought back memories. We got them every year at school and I have not idea who paid for them. Maybe the PTA? Have a Merry Christmas and I hope you are enjoying many 100 year old treats! PS Do you make Sand Tarts?

  2. Popcorn balls were always a fixture at Christmas (and at Halloween too)! My in-laws usually make caramel corn but I doubt they will this year… seems some traditions are falling by the wayside. We don’t make popcorn garlands anymore either.

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