1920 Junket Advertisement

1920 Advertisement for Junket
Source: American Cookery (January, 1920)

Sometimes hundred-year-old advertisements bring back memories of long forgotten foods. Do they still make junket? I think that it’s still sold, but it’s been so long since I’ve had any that I can barely remember it.

39 thoughts on “1920 Junket Advertisement

  1. It is still made. In fact, one of the Junket brand foods that was a childhood favorite — Danish Dessert — is still available in the traditional raspberry and strawberry. It’s the closest thing to a traditional Scandinavian fruit soup on the shelves, and I buy it a couple of times a year.

    1. I understand about the name–my thoughts also. However, I looked it up, and the word junket has a long history of evolution, and indeed referred to the particular food (curdled milk whey) as a dessert known as junket. It had to do with the Latin origins. It also came to be known as a banquet. It is interesting it is still in use, and I daresay most probably did not know that. I found one long and very interesting article about it in a New York newspaper about the various versions of this custard-like dish. Almost makes me want to try it. 🙂

  2. My gosh. I haven’t thought about Junket for years. I remember eating the raspberry flavored Junket growing up as a kid in the 1950’s. I think it is still sold in the grocery store.

    1. Wow, you’re right – It is “Hansen” spelled backwards. I never would have noticied it, if you hadn’t mentioned it. I wonder if someone named Hansen made this product, and thought that it would be fun to reverse the spelling of their name.

  3. I didn’t have Junket growing up, but my husband did. Maybe ten or so years ago he found a package in the supermarket and asked me to make it. He enjoyed the flavor he remembered. I must have tasted it, but it left no lasting impression in my brain.

  4. I remember junket but mostly as a food we got only when we were sick – part of the “soft” diet that included poached eggs and dry toast and of course 7-up or flat cola…. To this day 7-up and junket are things I associate with being sick!

    1. Your descriptions of foods you got when sick bring back memories – though not necessarily good ones. 🙂 I remember getting similar foods – except for the junket. I think my mother made plain jello instead when I was ill.

    1. It was sold as a tablet that was crushed and dissolved in water, and was rennet–the part of milk that in nature will cause milk to curdle, as in curds and whey. Later, it came as a powder, which was no doubt easier to make.

  5. I never heard of it before but when I googled it – it is sold in our local Walmarts. So I may have to try some. It sounds like something mom might have made.

    1. I think the supermarket I usually shop at may also sell it. I believe that I’ve seen it next to the pudding mixes. Like you, I think that I may need to try it.

  6. Junket always me think of “Cherry Ames, Student Nurse.” The nutrition instructor at the nursing school would say, “Plunk it in your Junket!”

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