1920 Lightning Thin-Slice Bread Knife Advertisement

Advertisement for Lightning Bread Knife
Source: American Cookery (June, 1920)

I’ve baked (and sliced) lots of bread this year – and still struggle to consistently get thin, even slices. This 1920 advertisement has me sold. I’m ready to buy a Lightening Thin-Slice Bread Knife. And, what a deal! It only costs 50 cents. Do they still make Lightening Knives?

35 thoughts on “1920 Lightning Thin-Slice Bread Knife Advertisement

    1. Good suggestion – I used to love visiting the flea markets and antique shops when I visited central PA. I found so many wonderful things. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to do it again before too long.

  1. I have always been the one tasked with cutting, carving, and portioning. I have a thing for symmetry.
    I love the line about how your baked goods will be judged by appearance. Don’t be judging me when I am carrying around a Lightening bread knife! 🙂

    1. 🙂 It sounds like you have a skill that’s in demand. I don’t think that baked goods should be judged by appearance – yet I sometimes judge cakes and pies by appearance when selecting which dessert to eat at a reunion or other gathering.

      1. One thing I learned while at culinary school is that the majority of people “eat with their eyes”. I believe that holds true, especially when it comes to dining out.

  2. This ad was great, Sheryl. The women having tea in their 1920s dresses and hats, the tea set-up, and then this handy knife perfect for cutting cakes and breads. when I saw the Request Form at the bottom, I had to look twice to see if I read it right. 50 cents for the knife!

    1. The 50 cents in the request form also made me look twice. Today that won’t even come close to covering the postage to mail the knife, let alone the cost of the knife.

    1. There’s definitely a 1920’s vibe to this picture. I’ve also noticed how quickly styles were changing between the mid-1910’s to 1920. There were to many changes in just a couple years -the end of WWI, women got the right to vote, and prohibition began.

  3. I was charmed by the hats… especially the big brimmed one with one eye peeking out. The knife does look like it would work nicely.

  4. Makes one wonder if the homemakers from the 20s were taken in by the marketing hype? I have a long serrated knife that is handy for many uses, but I don’t think it could cut as thinly as promised by the one in the ad. Then again, it’s not a Wiebusch & Hilger!

  5. I don’t know, but my friend has a super sharp bread knife that easily, effectively cuts even the softest of breads, so a good bread knife certainly is a worthwhile investment. I need one myself.

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