1920 Sunkist Lemon Advertisement

Advertisement for Sunkist Lemons
Source: Good Housekeeping (June, 1920)

By 1920, lemons were readily available across the U.S. Trains quickly transported them across the country.  And, the California Fruit Growers Exchange had even branded lemons produced by its growers as Sunkist Lemons.

I enjoy eating old-fashioned foods. Many others prefer trendy foods. Apparently people have wanted to eat “modern” foods for a long time. According to this advertisement, the modern way to serve tea is with lemon instead of cream – which suggests that the ad copy writer believed that promoting modern food combinations was a winning strategy for an ad campaign.

17 thoughts on “1920 Sunkist Lemon Advertisement

    1. You are not at all out of date if you were in England or any of the countries once colonized by the British Empire. I learned to love milk in my tea through Indian chai, South African rooibos, and English tea. Lemon may go fine in iced tea, but it dilutes the tea taste in hot tea and changes the flavor. Milk (or cream) merely smoothes the tannins.

  1. I’ve never tried cream in my tea.. afraid I’ll ruin my tea, besides I love lemon with it’s less calorie input in my tea. I’ll save my cream for coffee as I’m sure the cream has less calories in coffee.😁

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