Flower Arrangements for the Table

3 vases with flowers
Source: Household Arts for Home and School (Vol. 2) (1920)

Sometimes little things – like putting a vase with a few cut flowers on the table where I eat – energize me, and make an okay day seem like a great day. People a hundred years ago also appreciated cut flowers. According to a 1920 home economics cookbook, in a chapter titled Serving Luncheons:

Fresh flowers give a lovely touch to the dining table, but they must not obstruct the view of persons sitting opposite each other (Fig. 69). Flowers may be kept fresh for several days if the water is changed daily. 

Household Arts for Home and School (Vol. 2) (1920) by Anna M. Cooley and Wilhelmina H. Spohr 

13 thoughts on “Flower Arrangements for the Table

  1. I love having cut flowers on the dinner table, especially ones fresh from a garden. There was a woman selling some from her garden at the farmers market and the composition of the bouquets would change as the weeks passed.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of cut flowers – especially as my Grandmother would put peonies on the table and invariably there would be a big black ant fall and scurry around the plates… I do think the floral arrangements that are low or a single bloom floating in water can perk up a table.

  3. I remember earning a bead in Camp Fire by making a bouquet for the table. It was novel in my house and probably not appreciated by my siblings reaching all over to grab food!

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