1919 Griswold Waffle Iron Advertisement

Advertisement for waffle iron
Source: Good Housekeeping (December, 1919)

Only six more days until Christmas – and shoppers are rushing to complete their holiday shopping. A hundred years ago shoppers were also purchasing last minute gifts. Judging by the advertising old magazines, waffle irons were a popular gift in 1919.

10 thoughts on “1919 Griswold Waffle Iron Advertisement

  1. When I saw the brand name on the waffle iron, all I could think of was the Griswold family, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which features them and their highjinks. If the company still were in business, the film would have offered a great opportunity for product placement. I was curious, and found the waffle irons still are around, and you could pick one up on eBay — if the opening bids of $100, give or take, didn’t put you off.

  2. There are still ones around like this now and as I really like cast iron, I’d like to find one.

    Having said that, I’ve never seen one like this in use, and I’m not sure if our glass top range would accommodate it. It’s really cool though.

  3. That iron will last forever! At first I thought it would be neat to have one .. but then I remembered how messy I am when making waffles and decided that I just stick to my waffle iron on a cookie sheet!

  4. And funny enough waffle irons are still being snatched up as the last minute gift! I was at bed bath and beyond and witnessed a debate on waffle irons in which the young lady convinced her companion that it was unacceptable!

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