Apples are a Housekeeper’s Best Friend

A hundred-years-ago apples were one of the few fruits available during most of year. According to a hundred-year-old magazine article titled “Apples for All:”

After all has been said and done, the apple is the housekeeper’s best friend. Berry time comes and goes, the delicious fall fruits have their fleeting season, but the apple comes and stays.

Good Housekeeping (January, 1919)

Times sure have changed. Now I can get berries and many other fruits any time during the year – but apples are still a favorite. I’m currently enjoying the last apples from the tree in my back yard.

37 thoughts on “Apples are a Housekeeper’s Best Friend

    1. I have no idea how many varieties were around a hundred years ago – but, I do know that many of those old heirloom varieties are seldom seen today.

  1. We enjoyed the apple season here this year. We eat them all year, but we adore them from the local orchard as they are picked. There is a lot to be said for the keep-ability of apples. They knew to comment on it 100 years ago!

  2. Since apples don’t do well here, they’re shipped in, and toward the end of summer it’s sometimes possible to tell that the quality’s going downhill because of long storage. When I can, I prefer older varieties, too, as they seem to have far more flavor than some of the “new” apples. Still, I always have some around; they’re a wonderful fruit.

  3. The apple is a wonderful fruit. Having access to fresh fruits and veggies all year long is a blessing.
    Last night I told my sis about the Apple Johnny Cake I made by your recipe. I enjoyed sharing my experience at baking it.
    Thanks so much for sharing wonderful recipes, thoughts and things with us. πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks so much. It was fun to make the cake and share about it too. It’s hard to believe that it was so long ago. Time surely does fly here in blogland.
    Thanks so much for the link-back. You made my day! πŸ˜€

  5. You inspired me to look up the history of the Delicious apple (which I avoid whenever I can, but that’s not important now). Up until this year it was the most frequently sold variety in the US. There are many sub-varieties, but the first was introduced in 1880. So that could have been on the table 100 years ago. I think what are now labeled heirlooms are from the 19th century. Interesting post!

    1. This is fascinating. I had no clue that Delicious apples have been around so long, and that they are now considered “heirlooms.” Somehow I’m almost appalled that an almost tasteless apple is an heirloom. Thanks for researching this.

    1. It’s wonderful to have you back! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over the years via our blogs. I struggle to understand software platforms, and how they sometimes make it difficult for long-time readers to find each others blogs.

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