Inexpensive Ways to Make Lemonade

Image Source: Ladies Home Journal (May, 1916)

Here’s a “Dollar Stretcher” tip for making lemonade that appeared in a hundred-year-old magazine:

If you add a teaspoonful of cream of tartar for each lemon, you can make double the amount of lemonade for the number of lemons you use. Another way to make your lemonade cheaper is to put the lemon rinds through the food chopper, pour ice water over them and drain. By doing this fewer lemons are needed.

Ladies Home Journal (January, 1918)

11 thoughts on “Inexpensive Ways to Make Lemonade

  1. As soon as I read your title, I thought of my 93-year-old aunt, whom I visited over Memorial Day. When we go out to eat, she invariably orders water with lemon. Then, she adds a packet or two of sweetener from the table, stirs it all up, and says with great satisfaction, “This is a fine substitute for real lemonade, and much cheaper.”

    I’ll have to pass this tip on to her.

    1. It depends on how long you let the rind steep. At first, it creates a lovely lemon-flavored water. In time, it will begin to become bitter – you have to strain it out just before that happens. (How long is a matter of where you’re storing the water. In the fridge, about 24 hours.)

  2. Never knew this,be fun to try. I think that running ice water over the chop lemon rinds ,favors the ice water without the bitter strong taste.i know when I put slices of lemon in my drinking cold water that it doesn’t get bitter until the water warms up.

  3. I used to do the same thing that is mentioned in one of your comments! When I was a child and would go out to eat with my family, I’d take the lemon wedges that were on the table and squeeze them into my water. Then I’d empty one of those little packets of sugar into the glass and stir. Instant lemonade!

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